Basic Poker Rules & You: Really, What You Should Know

Everything a beginner poker player must know

Poker can be depicted as one of the oldest casino game with ancient roots. Some historians say that the origins of poker come from a domino-card game that was originally played in the 10thcentury by Chinese emperor’s. Others say that it discovered as early as the 16thcentury in German.

At that time, the Germans called this game “Pochen” and it is known as a bluffing game. This game was further developed into a French version, which was called “Poque”. The game of “Poque” was then brought over to New Orleans. It is said that poker could also come from a Spanish game primero.

Though poker was initially founded in the 16thcentury, the poker we see now was further refined in the 18thcentury. The rule of drawing cards to improve one’s hand was added on during the Civil War. On the same time, a new variation of poker known as the Stud Poker was created. According to historians

There are many different poker variations that origins are not known of. This is because poker is a simple game that could be played anywhere. Therefore, the origins of some of the popular poker variation today could have started in someone’s home. Poker is a game of luck as well as skills.

Basic Poker Rules & What You Need

The basic things that a person would need to start a game of poker is enough people around. A basic game of seven-card stud would need around 5 to 7 people. Whereas, a game of Texas Holdem would require around 6 to 10 people and not forgetting the poker chips. Poker is almost always played using poker chips.

For a game with seven or more players, there would be a need for at least 200 poker chips, so that all players would have sufficient amount of poker chips. As for the value of the poker chips, white or the lightest coloured chip would be of the lowest value. Most of the time the red chip or at time different colour, would worth about five of the white chip and lastly the blue chip or the darkest colour of the bunch has the worth of from 10 to 25 white chips of 4 to 5 redchipsNext is, a banker would be needed in a game of poker. Therefore, it would be best if players come together and decide ahead on who would be the banker of the game. This banker would have to keep a record of the stock of the poker chips, the amount of poker issued to each and every one of them, how much cash did these players pay for their poker chips.

An important rule that all players must follow is that players are not supposed to exchange or make any private transactions among themselves. Playerscan return the chips only to the banker to be changed into cash or in any circumstances is players are in need of poker chips, they can only obtain it from the banker. Even if other players tries to sell of their chips, the player in need of poker chips are not allowed to get it from them.

The most basic rule that should be known as a player is that, poker is played using a standard pack of card that contains 52 cards in them. But on some occasions, people are known to play poker using a double deck, whichis 104 cards. This is usually done when there are a large number of players on the table.

Card Hand Ranking

File name in the folder: Card Hand RankingH3<Card Hand Ranking>H3Knowing your card hand ranking during a game of poker is very important. This is because, thesecard hand ranking are the most important to determine the winner and the loser. Normally, each player would hold either 5 or 7 cards depending on the poker variant played. The poker hand ranking below is categorized from the highest to the lowest.

The Aceis the most valuable and highest of value among the other cards. The “Royal Flush” is the highest possible poker hand. This contains a combination of a ten, jack, queen, king and ace, all from the same suit. But the consecutive cards must end with Ace. For example: 10♥J♥Q♥K♥A♥

The second highest card hand ranking is the “Straight flush”. “Straight Flush” is a combination of five consecutive cards from the same suit. For example, 9♠10♠J♠Q♠K♠and 7♥8♥9♥10♥J♥. As long as the card are consecutive.

The next one is “four-of-a-kind”. For this ranking, players are should have all four of a number. For example, 9♠9♦9♥9♣5♣and 2♠2♦2♥2♣A♣. The three mentioned above is considered to be of the most valuable and top 3 in the card hand ranking.

“Fullhouse” is the next hand ranking. To obtain full house, players will need to have a three-of-a-kind and one pair in the same hand. For example, 9♠9♦9♥5♣5♥and 7♠7♦7♥J♠J♣. The next one is “Flush”. Players with all five cards from the same suits is considered to have a “Flush”. In an instance where there are two players with “Flush”, the players with the highest cards in the suit will be the winner. For example, 9♠4♠2♠K♠J♠and 10♥8♥7♥K♥A♥. Player with the second suit will win the game compared to the player with the first suit.

This is because, the value of the cards in that suit is higher than of the one in the first suit. “Straight” is obtained when players have a running sequence of cards regardless of the card suits. In a situation where 2 players have “Straight”, the player with the higher card values win. For example, 8♠9♥10♣J♥Q♥and 2♠3♥4♣5♥6♥. Player with the first suit will win because the card has higher valued cards compared to the cards of the second player.

“Three-of-a-kind” is the last in the mid ranking card hand category. It is quite straightforward for players to understand. “Three-of-a-kind” is obtained when players have three out of the four numbers. For example, 10♥10♠10♣8♠9♥and 6♠6♥6♣10♣J♥.

The next three card hand ranking will have the lowest value. “Two pair”, this card hand is obtained when players have two pairs of cards from the same number. If there are more players with the same card hand, player with the higher card values will win. For example, 8♠8♦6♣6♥7♥and 10♥10♠3♣3♠1♥.

“One pair” has a similar concept to “two pair”. For this, players will need to have a pair of card with same number and player that has the highest card value wins. For example, 4♠4♦5♣10♣J♥and 1♥1♠7♣8♠A♥. The last card hand rank is “High card” is when seen when none of the players has any pair cards. In this instance, each players individual card will be taken into account. Player with the highest valued card would win. For example, 5♣8♦10♠Q♥A♠and 9♠4♠2♠K♠J♠.

Rounds of Betting

Raise –Increasing the required bet of the game to continue playing. This is done to either bluff to other player that you have good card or when you think you have good hand.

Fold –This isdone when a player doesn’t want to pay the increased amount wager. Player may lay their cards down and they will lose any more of their chips. This action is done when players think that they their card hand is not good enough to win.

Call –Once a playerhas decided to raise the stake, other players have to decide if they either want to give in and fold or raise the stakes higher or to call. Call is when a player equals the amount that was wagered by the player who raised it.

Check –When no player has increased the wager that’s needed to continue, one player checks or pass his option to bet.

The Different Limit Types in Poker

There are many different types of limits in poker that all poker players should know. Understanding each and every casino games that you are going to play is very important as this determines the success of the particular game.

While luck may be the factor in some of the casino games, in others, players will require to know when and where to place bets, raise or fold, to check or move all the chips in a particular game. Therefore, players need to know all possible variables that could affect their game. There are many different types of limits that players should take note of in poker variant.

No-limit –This is one of the most popular limit type among poker players. This is because this limit type is a mixture of chance, skill and action. Players are allowed to bet chips at any point during a hand. The number of bet raises in any betting rounds in unlimited and the raise mustat least be double of the previous bet.

Fixed limit –Fixed limit is considered to be the most common and basic form of betting. It is also very popular among online casinos. This type of limit requires a good pace, or well-timed aggression. In fixed betting limit, the size of the bets plays a big part in the gameplay. There are only certain number of raises you can make as the number of bets are capped.

Pot limit –Pot limit is actually a limit between the fixed limit and no limit. A maximum bet being thetotal will be held in the pot and at a given time. Players are unable to bet all their chips whenever they want but they are able bet to their desire in the pot at the given time. There are no limits to the number of raises. Pot limit is more odd based compared to the no limit. Therefore, it is essential to have a control over the pot.

Even though all this information could be a bit overwhelming, learning all this and how it works could be an essential contributor to you winning, mastering betting and digesting all the required information would take a lot of time and practice. Therefore, players should not give up.