About 7agenpoker

7agenppoker, founded by Nancy McCurdy, was initially just a place to post her random observations about games of poker and the players who win them. However, as ideas tend to do, this one captured her attention, and has since expanded beyond just being a hobby.

As of today, the creators behind 7agenpoker aim to ideate and create content related to poker, including step-by-step instructions to play games, poker variations, strategies, and of course, original observations about poker and how it’s being played in both live professional competitions and in online tournaments.

Through these articles, it’s hoped that a community of players could be cultivated, and that 7agenpoker could be a safe haven for players who would likewise like to share their thoughts and observations on how poker is played.

The future of the site is still in development, but as of now, some of these exciting plans include building a forum for players to discuss games they’ve played, strategies to be used, observations they have made throughout the game and more. Other than that, feedback forms and comment sections will be set up, so as to ensure that the site is interactive.

It’s not often that avid players could find a site that is updated regularly, hence with 7agenpoker, we aim to be the game-changer, to bring about a new sort of platform that we feel is essential for the growth of the modern-day poker player, be it online or live.